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 Why put up a bee hotel? Similar to our national parks offering sanctuary to our animals, so the Tutus Loco hotel offers a safe place for our solitary bees to live and breed. As bees in general are responsible for at least a third of our food we eat, we cannot afford to lose them. What we also know and understand is that their environment is under steady threat from urbanization, habitat destruction and insecticides. A Tutus Loco hotel or two in every garden would help a long way in offsetting the destruction and helping with food security. Be proud knowing that you are helping them to help us.
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More about solitary bees in the country.
Did you know there are close to 1,000 solitary bee species in South Africa all needing your help. Putting up a Tutus Loco bee hotel will offer you the opportunity to: • Learn about solitary bees. • Watch their habits. • See your garden flowers produce more flowers through bee pollination. • Share your findings and excitement with friends and the scientific community on Tutus Loco's Facebook page. Little is known about solitary bees as to habits, breeding, species distribution, food plant etc. Any information is extremely important to the scientific community and fascinating for solitary bee lovers. Become a citizen scientist and make a difference.

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